Joining the Band

We are currently actively recruiting new members.


Membership of the band is open to everyone who is willing to devote the time and effort to contribute to the band. Some however may find participation difficult due to the weight and size of some of the instruments and the physical nature of many of our activities.


No prior musical knowledge is required to join and the band will provide tuition for free but you must be prepared to attend tuition regularly and devote time for regular practice at home.

Currently we have a number of students learning to play the bagpipes and drums.

Bagpipes - If you wish to learn the bagpipes you will initially need a practice chanter and tutor book (you can buy these through the band).

Drums - If you wish to learn pipe band drumming you will need a pair of sticks and a practice pad (both available through the band).


Participating in a pipe band is a fairly inexpensive hobby as the band provides some of the uniform items and drums where required for playing members. Kilts, shoes, shirts and socks are provided by the member (purchased through the band). Pipers are responsible for purchasing their own instruments.

Contact Peter on 0401 260 726

or email

for further details.

Student pipers

Require a practice chanter and tutor book to begin practice.

Total cost is about $115.

Student drummers

Require a drum pad and a pair of drum sticks to begin practice.

Total cost is about $90.